Andrew Adams Photography

Travel, Portrait Photographer

A Canadian photographer with a passion for South Asian culture, Andrew has spent the past 10 years traveling all over India. "I started shooting a lot of Indian weddings, and since then have focused on using my photography for more meaningful causes.” However it is the South, specifically Kerala that has influenced him the most. "The friendly locals have welcomed me into their homes with warmth, sharing home-cooked meals with me. Learning about their rich culture, and appreciating their simple and honest lifestyle have also inspired my photography." He has spent the last few years living in Kerala, amongst its beautiful lush green backdrop, and made many friends there. I have often been asked if I sell my work online, but was not sure how to go about it. Finally I discovered a simple solution that lets me focus on what I do best, while someone else handles the printing and shipping." Now you can order prints, in various finishes including canvas, framed ready to hang. With printing and shipping options in the US, Canada, India, and international. Andrew Adams

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